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Welcome to our page. This page was established not only as a remembrance of our experiences at Rhode Island Vocational Tech but also, and more importantly, to offer a ready resource for renewing contacts among classmates.

Although named "Class of '65 Home Page" all graduates of Rhode Island Vocational Tech., regardless of year, are more than welcome to participate.


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About Our School

Voc Tech, as it was known was a state High School located in Corliss Park , Providence, R.I.. It was a small school, having only on the order of about 290 students in grades 10 thru 12.. I think it has the distinction of being either "the" ,or "one of" the very first Vocational Education High Schools in the state of Rhode Island.

It was an "all male" school. In those days the Vocational Trades were evidently considered inappropriate for girls. Students were from just about every town in the state, traveling to school either by bus when we had to, but mostly with our own cars or car pools. Class schedule consisted of one week of academics alternated with one week of "shop", as it was called. Being a small school everyone knew everyone by name but often we called each other teasingly by an alias which we all seemed to develop soon after arriving at Voc Tech. We had a lot of freedoms by todays standards and class "breaks" ,as they were called, were often called at random when we felt we needed them..

As I look back fondly at those years. I feel Voc Tech prepared me well to start the vocation I had chosen. Here I am 36 years later, nearing retirement and still using daily what I learned during those High School years at Voc. I've been fortunate for sure, but must be thankful Voc Tech and especially the faculty gave me the incentive and many of the tools. To my fellow Classmates out there ,wherever you are today, I hope life has treated you well and hope to hear from you soon.

Don DeLuca



1965 Class Roster

John B. Authelet Jr., Thaddeus S. Babeic., David R. Balasco., David F.Barrows .,James H.Beattie., Gerald D.Brissette , John E.Burdick., Roger W. Caron., David A.Carpenter., Lucien G.Carpentier., Richard Carroccio .,John H.Carsten ,Michael N.Coderre., Michael P.Corvi., Leo Cournoyer., Richard H.Dantone .,Anthony A.D'Antuono,, Donald A. DeLuca ,Dennis S D'Ettore., Vincent Di Raimo .,Milton DuPerry., Richard H.Edman, Steven G.Ferrara .,Gerald L.Frappier, Ronald P.Gervais., Thomas E.Gregson., Martin A.Hale .,Charles R.Harkness., Edward T.Healey Jr.., Robert S. Hopkins ,Peter W.Izzi., Eric J.Jansen ., Norman S.Jones ., Alan R. Kenny., Robert B.Kimber Jr.., Joseph A.Kingsbury., Peter W.Koerner,Bruno J.Kurowski .,Dennis S.Langlois., Michael J.Lombari., Samuel A.Martin .,Joseph J.Mazur., William Montella .,Paul A.Morris, Joseph J.Murtagh, Robert E.Nault, Michael M.Nunes, Richard P.Piette ,Manuel C.Porto ,Richard Priete George A.Raboin, Ronnie C.Rainone, Leonard R.Rainville, Thomas P.Renzi Jr., Harold E.Reynolds Jr., Anthony J.Rubino ,Lessio S.Ruggiero ,Harold F.Sayles, Frank S.Silva, Donald V.Simone, Sherman D.Stubbert, Edward W.Sues ,Thomas J.Surowiec, Kenneth D.Tait, Peter Thibaudeau, Joseph Tulli, Fraser A.Vaughn, Thomas J.Vona, Allen Wentworth ,Robert E.White ,Harold M.Worden



Faculty Roster

Our Great Teachers - for whom we will be forever grateful

Norman Bedard - Electric, Peter Bowen - Class Coordinator/Advisor, Jacob Cokin - Science, Joseph A.DePasquale - Electronics, Francis J.Dolan - Automotive , Camille Fournier - Machine, Steven Gorden - Phys. Ed, Nicholas A.Mansi - English, John F. McKenna - Machine, Paul E. Morin - Math, David W.Murray - Science, Americo A.Ottaviano - Electronics, Lionel A.Ouellet - Carpentry, Gardner Pickering - Drafting, Gerald Ridge - Math, Joseph Rocchio - School Principal, Albert H.Silvia - Electric, Edwin J. St.Pierre -Automotive, Frank Walker - English, Clinton L.Whiting - Carpentry, John Wilkinson - Social Studies,

And last but not least our school nurseWilmer Baker for whom we will also be forever greatfull for patching us up after our football games in the sand pit -Thanks Wilmer!



I know you must have some favorites - How about contributing some thoughts of yours for others to share.


Don DeLuca

By Leo(Joe) Cournoyer - April 1,2007

It was a typical day in math class. Five rows of desk chairs, seven deep, contained over 30 students from all shops during an academic week. Joe Mazur, wearing his school jacket, sat in the last seat of the middle row, leaning back against the wall with his feet propped up.

At the front of the class stood the math teacher Mr. Morin - a middle age, retired Air Force officer with graying hair who dressed super neatly every day in his striped sports coat, bow tie, and always shined shoes. Unlike some teachers at VTS of RI, Mr. Morin demanded discipline and respect in his classroom. He was always the gentleman with impeccable rigid manners – always prim and proper - never a hair out of place – never stooping down to a lower level – a man who took pride in his demure.

On that fateful day however, Mr. Morin seemed rather uncomfortable, several times his face seemed to get contorted as if he was in deep pain yet he continued with his lesson. And then it happened. While writing a math problem on the chalkboard, his back toward the class, he stirred uncontrollably and then unintentionally let out one of the loudest and longest farts one can imagine. Now most people would simply turn around and apologies for this accidental transgression – but not Mr. Morin. He had a reputation to uphold and among his many fine qualities he always could think very fast on his feet. So in a split second, before anyone had figured out what had happened and started to laugh, he turned around pointed to the back of the class directly at Joe and yelled “NOW STOP THAT MR. MAZUR!!!

Now if Mr. Morin had tried to pull this on anyone else in the class he might have gotten away with it but not with Joe who was very street wise and also able to think very fast. Joe replied “Sure Mr. Morin - if it comes by here!!!". Upon which everyone roared with laughter for the next five minutes whereupon Mr. Morin left the class to regain his composure.


"A day I'll NEVER forget! "
by Dave Barrows - March 2008

Spring, 1963: What a beautiful day. Bobby White, Richard Dantone, John Authelete, and I did what our parents and school administrators repeatedly told us NOT to do! We bunked!

Can't remember exactly which school day we plotted to skip! However, John F. Kennedy was coming to town and we were going to see him!

What a day! Cool to luke-warm spring breezes tossing our then curly locks. Early spring flowers outlined the borders of porches in their colorful pots, while wall boxes crowded with bright arrangements adorned kitchen windows in many Providence homesteads.

As we wound our way through city streets in Bobby's cherry, white convertible with the top down, we were given the advantage of a 360 degree view. Slowing with a purpose, our target identified either to the right or left, a pretty girl would flirt with her eyes and give silent approval. Not only would she encourage and youthful and fiery yearning within us, but wishes of knowledge that normally comes with experience born of age.

Our destination: Brown University. Our goal: To witness the procession in which John F. Kennedy, 35th President (1961 - 1963) would pass. Parking the Chevy on a side street, we proudly strutted toward our vantage point on Angel Hill with our VOC jackets; emblems blazing brightly over a blue field! By any measure, the crowd was excited! The prospect of seeing the President of the United States, who's persona led one to believe that he had been reincarnated an empassioned knight from the legendary courts of King Arthur's Camelot, was almost overwhelming!

Angel Hill, close to the center of academia, housed student, professor, blue collar and white collar worker as well as the unemployed and mostly unseen. That day, all were seen; each with awe, hope, joy and revelation in their eyes and ours were no exception!

...and then, the motorcade! First the sirens from over the hill, then the motorcycle cops. Next, Secret Service and other security personnel, and finally...the Presidential convertible followed by more security and more motorcycles. As it passed, the eyes of John F. Kennedy met mine. I can not tell you how I felt. Suddenly, they faded away as quickly as they arrived, leaving us to our thoughts and the task of organizing memories for future spouse, kids, and grand kids.

Bob White is no longer with us, while John Authelete and Richard D'antone have whereabouts unknown. My heart is saddened when I think of Bobby's laughter and of his plans, and I often wonder whatever became of the other members of the class of "65".

I know that if Bobby, John, and Richard were here today to share this memory, some detail would surely be changed, added, or removed!. My excuse for any inaccuracy in this, my rendition of our adventure, is that the memories of activities occuring over the past 40+ years have somehow melded, faded, and may even have been embellished!

Perhaps, and I say perhaps, someone other than Bobby, John, Richard and I, did the unthinkable! Perhaps they can now find the courage to come forth and admit that they too skipped school ...just to see the President!

The Rest of the Story............

Part of the story that I left out...(TIA) was when we left and were travelling down Angel Hill. I was telling Bob that my father told me about losing his brakes on the downhill slope. Well...dejavu! It happened! We lost our breaks! Well, while the rest of us screemed in terror, Bobby's quick thinking slowed us down enough to turn into a side street when he yanked upward on the emergency break...that lever that used to be on the left side of the steering wheel! All the way home, stop and go in traffic and at lights, Bobby had to pull and release, pull and release! A day I'll NEVER forget!



11/26/00 -This page was established as a remembrance of our experiences at Rhode Island Vocational Tech but also more importantly to establish a resource for renewing contacts among classmates. Although named "Class of '65 Home Page" all graduates of Rhode Island Vocational Tech., regardless of year, are more than welcome to participate. Webmaster Don maintains a database of current available classmate information. Direct inquiries and contributions to: rivts1965@aol.com.

11/30/00 - Six from our class found listed on Classmates.com. It was noted that some listed under Vocational Tech obviously must be from a different school since there are class graduation dates to 1980 ???? By the way if anybody knows the dates when our one and only Rhode Island Vocational Tech opened and closed please contact our Webmaster at : rivts1965@aol.com.

12/23/00 -Leo(Joe) C., Dave B. and I are registered on ICQ. Looking forward to trying our first 3 way ICQ chat.

1/2/01 - To start the new year our Webpage gets a Guestbook. Check it out and please sign in your visit.

1/5/01 - Added Chat Room - Hope to meet you there!

1/17/01 - Added Voc Tech Trivia - Send in your answer to the first one, it's easy. Submit your Trivia questions to Webmaster Don for posting.

10/18/03 - Classes '61-'65 40th Reunion

04/19/07 - We now have a new home page with an improved Guestbook and Photo Gallery

Check back here often as I will add news and events as soon as received.


Where Are They Now ?
If your name is listed below or you know the whereabouts of any of the following classmates please contact me at: donaldd227@aol.com .


 John Authelet Jr., Thaddeus Babeic , David Balasco, Gerald D.Brissette, John Burdick , Roger. Caron, David A.Carpenter, Richard Carroccio , John H.Carsten, Michael N.Coderre, Michael P.Corvi, Richard Dantone , Milton DuPerry , Richard Edman , Steven Ferrara ,Thomas Gregson, Martin Hale , Charles Harkness , Robert Hopkins , Peter Izzi , Eric Jansen , Norman Jones , Alan Kenny , Robert Kimber J , Samuel Martin, William Montella , Paul Morris , Joseph Murtagh, Rober.Nault , Michael Nunes , Leonard Rainville , Thomas.Renzi Jr, . Harold Reynolds Jr., Anthony Rubino, Harold Sayles , Frank Silva , Donald Simone , Sherman Stubbert ,Thomas Surowiec , Peter Thibaudeaui , Fraser Vaughn , Thomas J.Vona , Allen Wentworth , Harold Worden


Our Wall


In Memory and in Tribute to our Classmates who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country .

Lucien Carpentier - Class of 1965, Vietnam 7/25/68, WALL Panel 50, Row 005

George Jacob Mack - Class of 1964, Vietnam 5/14/66, WALL Panel 7E, Row 059


In Memory


Lucien Carpentier - Class of 1965, VNM 7/25/68,WALL P50,R005

George Jacob Mack - Class of 1964
Born August 13, 1944, George served as a 0351 in the Marine Corps. In 1 year of service, he attained the rank of PFC/E2. On May 14, 1966, at the age of 21, GEORGE JACOB MACK perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Quang Nam.

Robert White - Class of 1965, accidentally Oct. 1983

Richard Piette - August 3, 1999.


Voc Tech Trivia

1) In who's class would you often hear the following phrase?

" No talking, looking around, or causing any disturbances! - RIGHT? - RIGHT! "

And the winning answer is ! - " Mr Murray's science class" - sent in by George Raboin on May 11, 2008 -Thanks and Congrats George
2) Ok why not send me your trivia question to post here.




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